Fridge-Cleaning Tips from M & M

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably very aware of the fact that you should deep-clean your fridge, but have no desire to do so. Or maybe you’re just unsure where to start. Either way, here are some fridge-cleaning tips to help you out!

If your fridge is too old and grimy to be cleaned, call M & M Appliance to check out our brand new ones!

M & M Gives Back

Did you know that M & M Appliance regularly donates appliances to local organizations and schools? We love our community here in the DC Metro area, and we’re always willing to do our part to give back! Here are just a few of the donations that M & M has made in past years…

The Carpenter’s Shelter receives a microwave/convection oven from our Alexandria location.
Donating microwaves to Hardy Middle School!

If you know an organization that helps the DC community and deserves our attention, let us know!